Welcome to 2016

Thankyou for your support over the past 10 years,
For a number of reasons I'm taking the site down - Iappreciate your support over the years.
I'll be keeping the domain and such - you never know I might come up with a new and better idea one day.
Good luck !

Searches Updated

Some of the sites I used to scrape are no more - some have changed url's some have changed interfaces.
I've made the changes neccessary to keep up with all the changes
The links to our favourite sites, TPB, Isohunt (to) and Torrenz (eu) have all been updated
Things should be working properly again, enjoy!

btReannouncer goes to version 1.0 !!!

Yep - we've been running since June 2009 at version 0.02 b.
The engine basically works - so I've finally conceded and stamped btReannouncer as "release"
I never got round to coding the stats columns so I've removed them.
I had noticed that when a torrent file created by utorrent from a magnet link is uploaded the metadata is broken according to the spec
so I've updated the tests for valid metadata to show reasons why they are marked invalid.
The code *should* work with these torrent files, since all we really need is a hash value, but I need to check into it before I let
things go past this test.
Stay Tuned

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